The pinch valve is used to shut off the abrasive and air flow through the blast hose after it leaves the metering valve. The pinch valve is normally open and requires a compressed air supply to close it. Most commonly used on pressure hold blast systems. As no abrasive passes through the valve it is not subject to wear. When the portion of blast hose being pinched wears out it is simply cut off and a new section inserted.

Tough, simple and reliable the alpha-blast Pinch Valve is used to shut off abrasive and air flow in the blast hose as it leaves the abrasive metering valve. Simple mpneumatic operation and minimal moving parts ensure reliable continuous operation.

As no abrasive actually passes through the valve there is nothing to wear out or fail. Once the portion of blast hose passing through the valve wears out it is simply replaced with a new section.

Item NumberDescription
301101 Pinch Valve

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