Easy-Vac Recovery Unit
Work site clean up of spent abrasive and waste is easily accomplished with the Easy-Vac vacuum recovery system. As the unit is fully air driven no electric power is required. This is particularly useful on work sites where sources of potential explosion ignition must be eliminated such as oil refineries, oil and gas storage depots etc.

The vacuum recovery airflow is generated by a pneumatically powered eductor pump. The eductor pump is powered by the same air supply used for blasting. The recovered abrasive, dust and debris is pneumatically conveyed through recovery vacuum hose into a fully adjustable airwash that separates good reusable abrasive from waste and dust. After collection, the abrasive is stored in a 3mt abrasive storage hopper prior to recirculating to blast pot.

Before exiting to the atmosphere the recovery airflow is passed through a 2 cartridge TDF dust collector to capture the separated dust. Waste dust is deposited into a waste collector drum prior to disposal. The Easy-Vac is inexpensive to buy and is very simple to use and maintain as it contains no moving parts.