Remote Control Valves
Compact Remote Valves, RAV125 Inlet Valves, RAV125 Outlet Valves, RAV125 Combination, Combination Valves, Auto Air Valves, Silencers, & Repair Kits

Remote Control Handles
CRV Pneumatic, RAV Pneumatic, RAV Electric, Repair Kits & Twinline Hose.

Abrasive Metering Valves
Sand Valve, Minor Valve, Major Valve Tungsten, Major Valve Urethane, Grit Valve, Metering Valve, Pinch Valve & Repair Kits.

Pop Up Valves
Internal Stem - Cone, Internal Stem - Flat, Mini & Seating Rings.

Blast Hose
Standard Blast Hose & Light Weight Blast Hose.

Nozzle Holders
Nylon & Aluminium.

Nylon, Gunmetal & Threaded Couplings.

Blasting Nozzles
Tungsten Carbide & Boron Carbide.

Gaskets and Washers
Nozzle Washers & Coupling Gaskets.

Blast Light
Increased visibility increases productivity.

Dual Switch
Manufactured from tough polyurethane, the internal wiring is fully encased in silicon sealant after assembly to provide a reliable, long lasting handle.

Moisture Separator
Remove moisture from the airstream before it gets into the blast pot.

Not sure which is the right abrasive for the job?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you need a recommendation of which Blast Pot Spares to use. We're always happy to help.