SuperFlow Blast Pot

Conventional blast pots are fitted with 90 degree lower cone. The SuperFlow design is 120 degree steep lower cone. This increased angle of the lower cone provides a more consistent abrasive flow to the metering valve and ensures the pot is suitable for all abrasive types. Even the finest of abrasives ie, garnet, glass beads, sodium bicarbonate etc, will flow smoothly and uninterrupted.

Standard Blast Pot

The alpha-blast range of blast pots combines our 80 years of experience in the blast cleaning industry to produce a high production, reliable and operator safe blasting system guaranteed to increase your productivity and profitability on every project. alpha-blast intelligent design concepts and attention to detail provide a fully featured blasting system
at real value for money pricing.

FatBoy Blasting Pot

The alpha-blast FatBoy range of blast pots have been developed specifically to increase blasting productivity in open blast work sites using consumable abrasives. Available in three standard sizes, the FatBoy blasting pots are sized for 1, 2 or 4 metric tonnes of garnet abrasive. The pressure hold design of the system allows each operator to have independent control for starting and stopping blasting. An abrasive blow down function may also be incorporated if required.

Not sure which is the right abrasive for the job?

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