Mini Controller
This ingeneous economical pulse controller is ideal for those single cartridge applications where the expense and sophistication of a pulse controller box is not required. The mini pulse controller fits directly onto the pulse valve solenoid and requires no additional wiring. Off duration is adjustable between 0 - 5 minutes. On duration is adjustable between 0 - 1 second in increments of 0.2 seconds. Status is indicated with red and green LED lights The mini pulse controller is available in 24VAC/DC and 240VAC/DC versions.

GC Series
The GC series of pulse controllers is a sequential timer fitted with 2 adjustment knobs with graduated scale to allow the user to set the pause time and operation time. The pause time is adjustable beween 0.05 to 180 seconds. The operation time is adjustable between 0.05 to 1 second. The unit is also available with a shut down post cleaning cycle which is set at 10 minutes. The GC series pulse controller is enclosed in an IP56 protection rated polycarbonate enclosure.

Eco Series
The ECO series is a differential pressure pulse controller that operates only when necessary and is automatically activated to suit the operating conditions. The start and end pressure, alarm pressure, pause time, operation time, post cleaning pressure and post cleaning time are adjustable through a 3 key input and 3 digit LED display. The pause time is adjustable beween 1 to 999 seconds, the operation time is adjustable between 0.03 to 9.99 seconds, both in increments of 0.02 seconds.

Not sure which is the right ones for the job?

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