Filter Cartridges
Our range of dust collector filter cartridges are available manufactured from a variety of filtering materials including 100% cellulose and 80% cellulose 20% polyester blends. Various filter cartridge mounting options are available including square flange, round flange, open both ends etc.

Pulse Controllers
We have a broad range of pulse controllers for controlling the dust collector reverse pulse cleaning. The range includes timer cards, differential pressure cards and direct mount controllers. Various operating voltages are permitted.

Pulse Valves
Our range of dust collector reverse pulse valves are designed to provide maximum volume of air flow in the minimal amount of time. The valves are manufactured with a special internal geometry to accomplish this. The diaphragm is guaranteed for 1 million cycles. A variety of mounting options are available including threaded and compression coupling.

Portable Ventilator
The Porta-Blast Portable Ventilator is a convenient movable fan suitable for local ventilation of enclosed blasting areas. The unit can be placed directly in the work area or outside and ducted to the working area.

Dust Probe
The necessity to avoid possible troubles in filtration plants working and to increase their efficiency, AUTEL S.r.l. Company in Sassuolo, decided to program and to create sophisticated electronic equipment for a better management of the filtration systems and for a best environmental protection. The AUTEL’s dust detector mod. RP01 allows to measures the presence of dust particles suspended into the exhaust gas.

Level Probe

The level detector set up in a fix point of the container allows the exact monitoring of the product through an electrical signal of the type N.C. (Normally Closed) or N.O. (Normally Open).

It is much spread in the zootechnical industry, the plastic industry, the cement industry, the wood industry and the pottery, because of the direct monitoring of any solid material inside the tank, also for the materials under dust or granules.

Differential Presure Guage

The DPF15 is a differential manometer managed by a microprocessor with high-brightness display to 3-figure. Reliable, compact, digital, multifunctional and competitive price compared to similar indicators. It is equipped with an internal temperature sensor, to optimize the measurement of the pressure in different operating conditions.

Not sure which is the right Equipment for the job?

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