Inadequately secured or loose compressed air hoses are dangerous to operators, and air leaks waste money. Most cases of blown off air hoses are caused by the use of cheap inferior quality clamps and hose tails that are not up to the job required for blast cleaning.

alpha-blast compressed air fittings are designed and manufactured specifically for connecting compressed air hoses onto blasting pots.

Hose tails are fitted with a ring groove for the clamp to lock into to prevent the hose pulling off. The hose clamps contain 4 fastening bolts and are manufactured from tough SG Iron. Integral gripping rings ensure a tight grip around the hose.

Item NumberDescription
301236 hose tail 0.75"
301237 hose tail 1"
301238 hose tail 1.25"
301239 hose tail 1.5"


Item NumberDescription
301241 hose clamp 0.75"
301242 hose clamp 1"
301243 hose clamp 1.25"
301244 hose clamp 1.5"

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