Similar operation to the minor valve except also has abrasive shut off feature. Can be set up on pressure hold pot to seal the tank and shut off abrasive flow, or on standard pot to shut off abrasive flow to the blast hose when the remote control handle is released to reduce abrasive wastage. Fitted with urethane internal sleeve, recommended for use with softer abrasives, ie plastic, glass beads, ceramic etc.

The perfect valve for instant start/stop blast nozzle activation. Ideally suited for multiple outlet blast machines the Normally Closed Valve allows each operator independent blasting on/off control of their nozzle.

The Normally Closed Valve can also be utilised to allow abrasive cut off giving the operator an air only blow down feature, very handy in blast room scenarios to ensure valuable abrasive does not leave the room with the work piece.

Item NumberDescription
301029 Urethane Major Valve - 1.25" Pipe Nipple
301030 Urethane Major Valve - 1.5" Pipe Nipple
301035 Repair Kit - Major valve urethane

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