Compact Remote Valve
Combined inlet/outlet valve with 1 1/4" inlet port and 3/4" outlet port. Very reliable and simple to operate.

RAV125 Inlet Valve
Normally closed air operated inlet valve with 1 1/4" ports ensures minimal air pressure loss. Contains no springs to close.

RAV125 Outlet Valve
3/4" port outlet valve ensures quick depressurisation. Valve is fitted with a replaceable wearable rubber gasket.

RAV125 Combination
A combination assembly of the RAV125 inlet and RAV125 outlet valves joined together to form a one piece inlet/outlet valve.

Combination Valve
Combination inlet/outlet valve does not wear out as no abrasive passes through the exhaust section. Replaceable blasthose is used for exhausting air from the blast pot. Longer exhaust hose can be fitted to allow piping of exhaust air to other area.

Auto Air Valve
Used on pressure hold pots for the starting and stopping of the air supply through the pusher line and blast hose.

Reduce the noise level of exhausting compressed air from the blast pot with this simple rugged silencer. Easily dismantles for clean out if blocked.

Repair Kits
Repair kits available for all remote control valves.

Not sure which is the right one for the job?

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