Our blast hose is manufactured from a 100% natural virgin rubber inner liner to provide maximum hose life. Reinforced with 2 and 4 ply of synthetic cord and tough outer cover. Our light weight blast hose is approx, 25-30% lighter than equivalent ID standard blast hose.

Reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity by using our Light Weight range of blast hoses. Approx. 30% lighter than standard hose this hose will allow operators to blast longer and reduce tiredness. Manufactured from a tough abrasive resistant natural rubber inner liner for maximum blast hose life. Anti static compound dissipates static from the hose.

Working pressure 10 bar / Bursting pressure 30 bar.

Tough outer wrapping prevents damage to the hose even when used in the most demanding environments such as shipyards and construction work sites.

Item NumberDescription
301049 Lightweight 2 Ply Blast Hose 13mm (0.5") ID x 28mm (1.125") OD
301050 Lightweight 2 Ply Blast Hose 25mm (1") ID x 38mm (1.5") OD
301052 Lightweight 2 Ply Blast Hose 32mm (1.25") ID x 48mm (1.875") OD
301054 Lightweight 2 Ply Blast Hose 38mm (1.5") ID x 54mm (2.187") OD

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