SuperFlow Design
Conventional blast pots are fitted with 90 degree lower cone. The SuperFlow design is 120 degree steep lower cone. This increased angle of the lower cone provides a more consistent abrasive flow to the metering valve and ensures the pot is suitable for all abrasive types. Even the finest of abrasives ie, garnet, glass beads, sodium bicarbonate etc, will flow smoothly and uninterrupted.

Ease of Maintenance
Control and abrasive metering valving are mounted to bolt on/off flanges. The valves are quickly, easily and safely removed from the blast pot as and when maintenance is required. Only basic hand tools required for servicing. No more tiny hand hole to squeeze into to service pop up valve and seating ring. Removable bolt on seating ring housing permits full access to the blast pot interior. Replacing pop up valve and seating ring has never been easier. Safety. Rigid support frame and over size wheels allows the SuperFlow blast pot to be easily moved and firmly positioned. With the fully removable seating ring housing confinded space and access issues are totally eliminated.

Achieve maximum production rates and faster throughput rates, all alpha-blast pots are fitted with full flow 1-1/4" valves, piping and fittings to maintain maximum blasting pressure at the nozzle.

Durable high quality components are used throughout the pot assembly and the high flow Compact Remote Valve provides trouble free service. All valve service kits are inexpensive and easy to fit when servicing is required.

SuperFlow Blast Pot available in 200, 100, 50 and 18 litre capacities.